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Angel Muse is a tantalising composition of addicitive notes. This alluring and sensual perfume is irresistibly feminine.

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Thierry Mugler Angel Muse perfume origins

An addiction no one can resist

A new disruptor in the Angel cosmos, Angel Muse is a futuristic gourmand fragrance, packed with magnetic energy. Provocative, sensual and feminine, the Angel Muse woman embraces her desires. Free-spirited and adventurous, she isn’t afraid to reveal in her fragrant addiction.

A breakthrough silver and amber pink “cosmic pebble”, featuring the discreet imprint of a star…

Angel Muse perfume
Angel Muse perfume


The bottle’s amber pink shade and curved shape depict sensuality and softness. The ultimate in femininity adorned with a crystalline heart and stamped with the iconic Angel star – Angel Muse is the offspring of a true olfactory legend.

The simplicity of a recyclable fine glass bottle allows you to easily refill your perfume to give it new life.


The Angel Muse bottle can be refilled in a flash. A responsible ritual that allows you to endlessly give new life to your favorite fragrance. Practical, eco-friendly, and always chic.

Angel Muse perfume

Join The Circle, the best way to indulge your addiction and dive into a magical universe of exclusive privileges.

A new star has made a stellar entrance into the Angel galaxy of perfumes and it is creating cosmic pandemonium: Angel Muse perfume. Encapsulated in a perfume bottle that resembles a cosmic pebble, Angel Muse perfume orbits around the Angel Eau de Parfum and will send you spinning with its vibrant, sensual, addictive fragrance. A truly delicious indulgence, a modern women's perfume with its irresistible gourmand notes of hazelnut cream-cocoa. Make your perfume eternal with the Angel Muse perfume refill. Angel Muse by MUGLER. The fragrance you will #HatetoLove.